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What is Yoga Therapy?

Mindfulness Therapy for Long Term Recovery

Every aspect of their life is impacted when someone is struggling with an addiction. This includes their physical health, mental health, social relations, employment or schooling, and family relationships. It is only logical to think that all of these areas will need attention when someone is in recovery. 

Yoga therapy is an example of an alternative therapy that can be used in addition to traditional treatment approaches. As an example, motivational interviewing and cognitive-behavioral therapy are traditional treatment approaches used by addiction treatment programs. 

Yoga therapy is a bit different than a yoga class you may find locally. Yoga therapy is guided by a trained professional who uses aspects of yoga to address the individual’s mental, physical, and emotional health needs. 

Professional yoga therapists will help you work towards your goals while being mindful of your physical abilities. Yoga therapists can use movements, breathing techniques, meditation, visualization, and postures within their work. 

There is more to yoga therapy than the use of its exercises. Yoga can help individuals learn to be mindful of their surroundings, emotions, and physical needs. For many of us, our days are quite busy, leading us to be unaware of what we are feeling emotionally and physically throughout the day. This pattern of behavior tends to have us neglect our emotional needs, which can lead to moodiness and irritability. Mindfulness aims to help us be aware of emotions as they arise so we can cope with them at the moment rather than carrying that emotion with us throughout our day.

Coachella Valley Recovery Center is a Palm Springs addiction treatment facility that can provide you with yoga therapy in Southern California. Our treatment program combines aspects of traditional treatment approaches with alternative approaches, such as yoga therapy. We believe that offering various alternative treatment options can expose you to various new skills that could help you in your recovery. To learn more about our inpatient addiction treatment program in Palm Springs, we invite you to call (442) 888-6484 and speak with a representative.

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At Coachella Valley Recovery, we believe in treating the addiction as well as the person. We give all our clients top notch treatment and support. Don't hesitate to contact us today with any questions you may have about our program or if someone you know is struggling with addiction.

Healing Through Yoga

What Are the Benefits of Yoga Therapy?

Yoga therapy has many benefits. As mentioned above, yoga therapy can introduce you to a variety of skills, such as breathing exercises, that can help improve your emotion regulation skills. Breathing exercises can be helpful when we feel stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed. 

Learning to apply mindfulness skills to your everyday life can help you manage your emotions throughout the day. When we avoid emotions such as sadness and anger, they compound into something bigger. Eventually, you will reach a point where you cannot add any more to it. 

If you find yourself searching for a unique addiction treatment program that offers you more than the status quo, we invite you to call Coachella Valley Recovery Center at (442)888-6484 today. We combine traditional treatment approaches with diverse alternative therapies. To learn more about the services we provide, we encourage you to call (442)888-6484.

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Here at Coachella Valley Recovery Center, we service clients from all around the U.S. in order to help make an impact in the fight against substance abuse. These are just some of the local communities we focus on, however, we help clients travel from around the country in order to get high-quality treatment for substance abuse in a safe & secure environment.

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Yoga & Substance Abuse Treatment

How is Yoga Therapy Used in Rehab?

Yoga therapy can be used in addition to other evidence-based treatment approaches. Yoga therapy is not an effective form of treatment for addiction on its own. 

Yoga therapy will look different than traditional yoga. For example, yoga classes typically occur in a group setting. You are also able to choose the type of yoga class you are in, such as a hot yoga class. Yoga therapy can occur in a private or a group session. Your therapist will guide you through practices that are known to be effective for your specific concerns. While your yoga therapist may discuss their approach with you, it is not quite the same as choosing which type of class you would like to attend. 

Is Yoga Therapy Beneficial in Addiction Treatment?

Research conducted in 2018 found that participants who struggled with alcohol use have improved scores on alcohol assessments after being exposed to yoga therapy. This study also reported that individuals who struggled with opioid use had an improved mood, physical health, and psychological health after engaging in yoga therapy.

If you choose to attend treatment at the Coachella Valley Recovery Center, you will be exposed to yoga therapy in southern California. We recognize that many individuals struggle with emotion regulation and feel that this is an important skill for a healthy recovery. Because of this, we offer a variety of alternative therapies, such as yoga therapy. Call (442)888-6484 to speak with a representative about your addiction treatment needs. 

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If you are interested in finding addiction treatment in Palm Springs, California, there are a few ways that you could do this. The first route would be to discuss your concerns and goals with your medical or mental health provider. They can give you a better idea of the type of program that would be best for you. The other route would be to contact your insurance provider and ask for an in-network referral. The added benefit of this approach is that it can give you a better understanding of what you would need to pay yourself for the different treatment programs. 

The Coachella Valley Recovery Center is a top-rated rehab in Southern California. We have a variety of treatment options which means that we are uniquely capable of providing you with treatment at various points of your recovery. This can give you peace of mind knowing that you will have a continued source of support and guidance. 

We can provide you with detoxification, inpatient rehab treatment, and outpatient treatment programs. We have seen the impact that addiction can have on various areas of your life, and believe that they all warrant attention while in treatment. Because of this, we have a holistic approach that will address all of the areas needed through alternative treatment options, such as yoga therapy.

At the Coachella Valley Recovery Center, our goal is to help prepare you for a healthy recovery. We feel that this includes helping you with concerns that you may have in addition to your addiction. We take a holistic approach to your treatment and will tailor our treatment to your specific needs. We encourage you to call (442)888-6484 to speak with a representative today.

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