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Across the United States, about one out of every eight adults has struggled with some form of alcohol or drug abuse. If you or someone you loved is struggling with addiction, it might be time to seek drug rehab in Cathedral City. Most people who struggle with addiction never get the help they need, but it doesn’t have to be that way. With our drug addiction treatment center in Southern California, you can find the right level of care for your situation.

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At our luxury drug rehab in Southern California, we believe in treating the addiction as well as the person. We give all our clients top notch treatment and support.  Don't hesitate to contact us today with any questions you may have about our program or if someone you know is struggling with addiction.

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How Our Cathedral City Addiction Treatment Center Can Help

Our addiction treatment program in Cathedral City can include a wide range of services and therapies. No matter the type of program you choose, the best therapies will be customized to your needs, offering you a personalized recovery program that targets things like:

Addiction treatment in any form is meant to help you end your drug-seeking behavior and drug abuse. Treatment can take place in so many forms and over different lengths of time. Drug addiction and alcohol addiction are considered chronic disorders. That means that these are lifelong disorders without a cure, and individuals may be prone to occasional relapses. Because addiction is a lifelong battle, treatment should be a continuing journey as well, to provide support throughout a person’s life.

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Personalized Addiction Treatment in Cathedral City

Our Addiction Treatment Services

Comprehensive addiction treatment in Cathedral City should involve multiple approaches to treatment and ongoing care. Many evidence-based therapies for addiction treatment can include medication management and behavioral therapy. The specific combination of treatments you take part in is based on your needs and the types of drugs you use.

Many treatment programs, like Coachella Valley Recovery Center’s addiction treatment program in Southern California, use individual and group therapies.

Individual behavioral therapies can help you develop personalized strategies to cope with your drug cravings, avoid drugs when you are back in your daily life, and deal with a relapse if it occurs. You can also improve your communication, family relationships, friendships, and even parenting skills with behavioral therapies.

Group therapy offers reinforcements for positive behaviors and thought processes and gives you access to a supportive social structure. Ongoing group therapy is something that will sustain you long after you complete inpatient addiction treatment.


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What to Expect at Our Drug Addiction Treatment Center in Southern California

When you reach out to addiction treatment centers in Southern California, you can expect a lot of questions during the intake process. However, you should not be worried. These questions are private, and so are your answers. These questions help the facility better understand your individualized struggle with addiction. This is a necessary part of developing the proper addiction treatment.

If you visit our drug addiction treatment center in Southern California, you should expect a kind, supportive environment where staff members sit you down for an assessment. This assessment is where professionals gather information about your history of drug abuse, your current substance abuse habits, your physical health, including medications you might be on as well as your mental health.

This assessment helps to provide customized treatment and evaluate whether you need things like inpatient residential treatment or outpatient treatment, medically supervised detox, or other treatment.

After your initial evaluation at our addiction treatment center, you can expect to be provided with a customized treatment plan. This plan may involve a combination of medications, therapies, and assistance for other health conditions. A good facility will explain why each aspect of your plan is there, what it will help you achieve, and what you can expect.

After that, you might move into your private room at your care facility if you are undergoing inpatient or residential care, or you might continue to visit the facility on a regular basis if you are getting outpatient addiction treatment.

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Our Drug & Alcohol Treatment Program is here for you

How Our Cathedral City Drug Rehab Can Help

At our addiction treatment center in Southern California, you can expect multiple levels of care to help you achieve long-term, sustainable recovery from substance abuse.

The first step is often detox. Detoxification is technically an inpatient program where enter treatment while your body goes through detox and withdrawal. Medically supervised detox is imperative for certain substances like alcohol addiction or opioid addiction. Medical detox gives you access to a staff of supportive, trained professionals who can make you as comfortable as possible and diminish the severity of some of your symptoms. Medications might be given to you to help wean you from things like heroin while also providing over-the-counter medications to ease the discomfort of things like nausea, insomnia, or a high fever.

Once you have finished your detox, you can start your inpatient or residential program. Our inpatient program provides different levels of care depending on how long you are staying at our facility. Inpatient drug rehab gives you the highest chance of success with the lowest risk of relapse. Inpatient care will start with a full day of things like behavioral therapies, group therapy, and medications, depending on your situation. The schedule you keep is something our team will go over with you during your assessment so that you understand what is required of you, when, and where. You live at our facility with the inpatient programs, which makes it much easier to remain sober under 24-hour surveillance.

If you try to make detox and addiction recovery at home, you’re much more likely to be distracted by the needs of family members, demands at work or school, and everyday social distractions. At our facility, you will find yourself surrounded by people going through the same type of struggle, people who understand the importance of staying sober and how hard it can be to take your initial steps. This type of living situation also makes sure you have a safe, supportive environment where you can relax, enjoy peace of mind, and turn your attention inward, focusing exclusively on yourself.

After you complete inpatient treatment at CVRC, you can transition seamlessly to one of our partner outpatient programs. With outpatient programs or ongoing care, you don’t live at the facility, and you can instead sleep at home and return to your regular routine. However, you still attend treatment where you can complete your behavioral therapies, medication management, and group therapies on a regular basis. How often you come for meetings at our facility or other facilities for things like AA or NA meetings is determined by your progress, how far you are into your recovery and your schedule. This level of care helps you transition safely back into your everyday routine while still solidifying the recovery skills you learned during your inpatient treatment.

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If you are ready to get help, let our team give you the best treatment plan. With our drug & alcohol addiction treatment center in Southern California, you can enjoy customized support no matter your level of addiction. We work with you to find the appropriate treatment plan and help you maintain your path to recovery with a complete detox, transition into inpatient programs, and subsequent outpatient programs. Contact us today to begin your journey towards lasting recovery.

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