Are There Women’s Treatment Programs in Palm Springs, CA?

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When it comes to addiction, not only does it impact each individual differently, but it can’t have a more significant impact depending on your gender. Biological and social differences impact how addiction occurs in both men and women. By identifying these differences, gender-specific rehabilitation programs can provide more thorough and supportive treatment for their clients. Finding a women’s treatment program in Palm Springs, CA, can be vital for the recovery process.


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How Does Addiction Impact Women?

Addiction does impact women differently than men unless it’s for many reasons. Not only is there a biological difference, but many social expectations make use and recovery different between men and women. Even the type of drugs most commonly abused or different among women.


When it comes to addiction impacting women and men biologically, there are differences in the addiction cycle. For example, according to the National Institute for drug abuse, women are just as likely to develop a substance use disorder. This is an essential consideration for rehabilitative treatments because women entering treatment should find that it is designed for their needs. Other examples include how drugs can biologically alter brain structure. For example, while male students are more likely to experience family and relationship problems, female students have a higher risk of brain structural abnormalities associated with regular marijuana exposure. This indicates that for women, a substance use disorder may develop more quickly and be more difficult to stop.


Social factors also impact how men and women use drugs. For example, One study showed that Women were four times as likely to use methamphetamine for weight loss than men. Females also used meth because a friend used it for fun and to get higher than their male counterparts. This social comparison of drug use continues in rehabilitation. For example, many women are more concerned about entering rehabilitation after having children because of the stigma of being an addicted parent.


Another difference between males and females is the types of drugs most commonly abused. One study that assessed gender and primary substance of abuse indicated that women were more likely to use heroin, prescription pain relievers, cocaine, methamphetamine, and other illicit substances. Knowing this can help medical professionals plan specific treatment programs designed to address the concerns surrounding pain-killing drugs like depression and weight gain.


What is the Importance of a Women’s Treatment Program?

A woman’s treatment program should be designed to address the physical and social differences surrounding female addiction. For example, many drugs have a direct impact on fertility and pregnancy. Attending addiction treatment can also be challenging for females with children and the fear that their children may be taken away from them.


In combination with substance use disorders, women are more likely to suffer from mental health conditions, such as depression, anxiety, posttraumatic stress disorder, and eating disorders. Additionally, one in three women have experienced physical violence at the hands of an intimate partner, and research indicates that victims of violence are at increased risk for substance use. 


Finally, it can be important for women to find a female-friendly rehabilitation center that can provide same-sex group therapy and individual counseling with a female therapist for those same reasons.


How to Find a Women’s Treatment Program in Palm Springs, CA

A qualified women’s treatment program in Palm Springs, CA, will address the physical and social differences regarding female substance use. Skilled and trained professionals should be able to identify specific gender-based concerns and provide extensive support to reduce the risk of relapse.


At Coachella Valley Recovery Center, we are dedicated to rebuilding families and providing a positive environment for total healing. Our comprehensive facility offers detoxification and residential inpatient treatment for substance use and dual diagnosis treatment for depression, anxiety, and trauma. In addition, through luxury addiction treatment, our clients work through individualized rehabilitation programs explicitly designed to meet their individual addiction treatment needs. 


Coachella Valley Recovery Center offers exclusive women’s and men’s rehab programs.

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