What Are the Benefits of Traveling for Drug Rehab?

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Individuals just starting their search for the right rehab to address their or their loved one’s needs may be overwhelmed by the number of options both close to and far away from home. Many are unsure whether or not it is best to travel for drug rehab or stay home and access care in a local facility.

At Coachella Valley Recovery Center, our clients can access comprehensive addiction treatment that provides holistic opportunities for health and success. In addition, individualized treatment plans aid our clients in achieving their specific recovery goals and in rebuilding their futures.

To learn more about why traveling to drug rehab with Coachella Valley Recovery Center is the best option for you, speak with an admissions coordinator today.


Where Should You Attend Drug Rehab?

When it comes to accessing addiction treatment, there are many different beliefs about how, when, and where you should access a recovery program. There are two different ideas surrounding treatment facility location. Some physicians feel that drug rehab is more successful in a familiar place, while others think that an alternate site is necessary to make a significant change. Both recovery program options have significant benefits and, alternatively, some negatives for certain individuals. Neither style of treatment has been found to be more beneficial than the other, so any physician recommendations for treatment location should be supported with reasoning.


What Are the Benefits of Traveling for Drug Rehab?

Traveling for drug rehab is recommended by many doctors. They cite specifics about location, treatment style, and consistency as reasons for their recommendations.

Often times physicians will recommend a client travel for drug rehab because of their current living situation or location. The recommendation that individuals travel for drug rehab comes from the idea that an individual in a new place can focus on genuinely being themselves without being faced with someone who may know their past. It also removes them from location triggers and allows them to focus entirely on the recovery process.

Another reason that medical professionals recommend traveling for drug rehab is the treatment style. Not all treatment facilities are created equal, and many times a client might need something that a facility does not offer. This is where physicians recommend that individuals travel for addiction treatment to a facility that can comprehensively address the concerns of the individual.

Consistency is another reason that medical professionals recommend clients travel for drug rehab. When an individual attends treatment at a location close to home, it is easier to prioritize other events over personal health and rehabilitative therapy. However, traveling for drug rehab requires a client to put their whole focus on treatment, providing the consistency that might not be available attending treatment close to home.


Should I Travel for Drug Rehab?

It is recommended that many different groups of people travel for rehabilitation. Recommended most often are individuals who are diagnosed with severe substance use disorders and have experienced a relapse in local treatment programs. In this case, travel can address location factors, treatment style, and consistency. In addition, this needs group often needs an experience outside their typical to experience change.

Another group typically recommended to travel for treatment is individuals who struggle with dual diagnosis treatment. This recommendation most frequently comes in an attempt to get clients treatment in a specific style that is unavailable in one location or another. Additionally, clients who struggle with dual diagnosis often need more consistent and focused therapy to remain successful in recovery.


Coachella Valley Recovery Center Offers Inpatient Rehab For Those Traveling for Drug Rehab

Our Cathedral City comprehensive addiction treatment center is designed to address the concerns of individuals across the nation. With residential facilities for those who are traveling to access equitable and consistent addiction treatment, look no further than Coachella Valley Recovery Center. Our focus is on rebuilding families and supporting individuals in making a change to better their lives.

We offer a number of unique therapy options, dual diagnosis treatment, and standardized traditional treatment methods to aid individuals holistically. Our clients have access to a number of assistive physical and emotional supports that create an environment of growth and opportunity.

To learn more about traveling to Coachella Valley Recovery Center, speak with an admissions coordinator today. Coachella Valley Recovery Center is a premier drug rehab near Palm Springs.

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