What Are the Benefits of Holistic Substance Abuse Treatment?

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Many people see the word holistic and think that the treatment is going to be less effective or more alternative than those treatment centers that solely promote traditional and evidence-based therapies. Well, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Holistic addiction treatment through Coachella Valley Recovery Center is designed to provide clients with the best opportunities for sustainable recovery. Contact us today to learn more about the holistic addiction recovery approach at our drug rehab near Palm Springs.


What is Holistic Treatment Like?

Holistic addiction treatment is a positive way of addressing the whole person when undergoing addiction treatment. Individuals in holistic addiction recovery programs are focused on developing positive mental, behavioral, and physical outcomes to achieve their goal of sustainable recovery. Holistic rehab offers clients an opportunity to pause, evaluate, and reconstruct the skills, habits, and routines necessary for their personal growth. 

Holistic addiction rehabs often combine alternative approaches with evidence-based therapy. Clinicians at holistic addiction treatment centers are familiar with and often combine evidence-based therapy models with alternative models that promote physical, nutritional, and career goals.


What Are the Benefits of Holistic Substance Abuse Treatment?

Holistic addiction treatment provides clients with a chance to change every aspect of their present. By including more than just mental healthcare treatment, clients can learn to develop higher-level skills leading to more opportunities for successful rehabilitation. 

Exercise as part of addiction treatment has been found to improve fitness and be effective in reducing anxiety and depression. One study on the inclusion of exercise in addiction treatment stated that “exercise is beneficial for improving quality of life in this population.” The physical health benefits of exercise, in combination with the mental health benefits from psychosocial and behavioral therapies often found in addiction treatment, can give clients more opportunities to be successful.

Other alternative therapies in holistic addiction treatment can teach clients to be more reflective and aware of their personal condition. For example, mindful awareness in body-oriented therapy was applied as a holistic approach to addiction treatment in a 2012 study. According to its results, the implementation of MABT with addiction treatment was “perceived to increase emotional awareness and provide new tools to cope with stress, and to positively influence SUD treatment by facilitating emotional regulation.” Furthermore, by combining these treatments in a holistic approach, the women in this study perceived a significant benefit from it. 

Holistic rehabilitation programs allow clients to express themselves uniquely outside individual or group therapy. Addressing clients’ needs within a treatment program inside their comfort zone can improve the program’s success. 


What Are Examples of Holistic Addiction Treatment?

Holistic addiction treatment offers clients the opportunity to express themselves through different modalities. Clients often receive a more thoroughly developed treatment experience in holistic rehab, including physical, vocational, and artistic therapy styles.

Physical therapy options often included in holistic rehab programs focus on a healthy and safe movement that allows for individual expression. In addition, dance/movement therapy, Tai Chi, and leisure and recreation skills are promoted to improve overall mental and physical well-being. 

Holistic addiction treatment also often helps clients focus on altering their present to improve their future. Through the development of life and career goals, many holistic treatment centers will offer clients vocational services and cultural awareness and appreciation options. Additionally, by utilizing community resources, clients can learn work-related skills and gain the experience necessary to obtain a position following rehabilitation.

Another beneficial aspect of holistic treatment is the application of art, music, and spiritual growth therapies. Through these abstract processes, individuals can learn to express their personal thoughts and feelings in a manner that is comfortable to them. 


How to Find Holistic Rehab Programs in Southern California

Clients who are searching for addiction treatment programs in Southern California that provide a holistic approach to recovery may feel overwhelmed by the number of luxury treatment centers that claim to offer alternative methods. However, Coachella Valley Recovery Center is a residential rehab in Southern California specifically designed to address a holistic approach to recovery. 

With multiple pathways to success, individuals can access the appropriate level of treatment through Coachella Valley Recovery Center. We offer holistic alternative therapies that address our clients’ overall physical, mental, and emotional health while also providing the structured, evidence-based treatment necessary for managing the more severe concerns revolving around addiction. 

Contact the admissions at Coachella Valley Recovery Center today to learn how we can support your recovery with a holistic approach to addiction treatment and Palm Spring drug detox services.

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