What are the Behavioral Signs of Addiction?

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When searching through the warning signs of addictive behavior, many aren’t sure how to determine what addiction is and what is another mental or behavioral health issue. Likewise, individuals struggling with behavioral changes due to addiction may not provide a clear signal; however, knowing the signs and the diagnosis criteria can help an individual be aware. 

Coachella Valley Recovery Center offers detoxification, inpatient, and outpatient treatment through individually tailored treatment programs. In addition, our behavioral treatment programs are designed to provide several supports to clients through unique therapies and dual diagnosis treatment.

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What is the Definition of Addiction?

Addiction is defined as a chronic mental health condition. It can occur after repeated and prolonged use of addictive substances like alcohol, prescription opioids, and illegal drugs like heroin and cocaine. As a disease, symptoms of addiction include relapsing and significant changes in behavior, personality, and emotions. 

Substance addiction occurs over time as drugs impact how an individual’s brain processes the substance. With many drugs, the associated “high” creates a release in the brain’s reward center that indicates the behavior and feeling is positive. As this occurs, it tricks the body into becoming dependent on the drug. An individual who can stop using the drug, even if they have this reaction, is said to have problematic use. However, an individual unable to control their use and continuously relapses or experiences withdrawal symptoms when not using is considered addicted.


How Does Addiction Impact a Person?

Addiction impacts a person through the symptoms and problems it can cause in an individual’s life. Individuals addicted to drugs might experience any of the eleven listed criteria for a substance abuse disorder, or they may experience a number of other symptoms that fall under the umbrella criteria.  

The criteria that qualify an individual with a substance use disorder are 

  • Hazardous use
  • social/interpersonal problems related to use
  • Neglected major roles to use
  • Withdrawal
  • Tolerance
  • Used more significant amounts/longer
  • Repeated attempts to quit/control use
  • Much time was spent using
  • Physical/psychological problems related to use
  • Activities are given up to use
  • Cravings

These behavioral criteria in the DSM-5 are a combination of substance abuse and dependence from the previous DSM. They indicate the severity of the problem and how an individual is being impacted by their use. Any combination of these symptoms can indicate mild, moderate, or severe addiction.


What are the Behavioral Signs of Addiction?

These qualification criteria are essential as diagnostic information. However, it can be equally important for individuals to be able to identify behavioral signs of addiction when someone is struggling with a drug or alcohol problem. These noticeable signs can help you identify the problem early and help them before the need for severe addiction treatment.

Individuals struggling with addiction may have significant behavioral changes that include frequent changes in friend groups, reliability, and changes in hygiene and typical behaviors. While these are not decisive factors, sudden or dramatic changes can be a warning sign of addiction and that there is a problem occurring.

Additionally, individuals struggling with addiction may have significant changes in mood and personality. For example, the drug the individual is abusing could cause them to have dramatic mood swings, feel depressed, feel anxious, cause them to sleep at odd times, and cause them to be more negative or aggressive than usual.


How to Find Addiction Treatment in Palm Springs, CA

Individuals seeking inpatient addiction treatment in Palm Springs, CA, may feel as though they are struggling to find addiction treatment that meets their needs. There are a lot of options, but that can make it difficult to find what really is the best and most effective treatment program. 

At Coachella Valley Recovery Center, we offer a comprehensive approach to Southern California addiction treatment that focuses on total recovery through holistic and traditional therapies. By offering our clients multiple paths to success through consecutive program offerings, we believe in healing dedicated to rebuilding lives and families. 

Contact Coachella Valley Recovery Center today if you are witnessing or experiencing the behavioral warning signs of addiction.

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