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What Does Cigna Cover for Drug and Alcohol Treatment?

Cigna is one of the most widely used health insurance companies in the United States. Cigna is known as an affordable health care option that works with many medical and mental health providers. Similarly to other health care providers, Cigna offers a variety of insurance plans so that you can tailor what your plan looks like. 

There are four main options for individuals who have a Cigna insurance plan. The differences between these plans lie with what the member pays for co-pay and deductible, what Cigna pays, and how much you pay monthly for coverage. As an example, the bronze category is the most affordable monthly option. However, you will be responsible for 40% of your health care costs. If you chose the platinum category, you would pay the most of the plans each month and be responsible for 10% of your medical costs. These options allow members to customize their plans for their medical needs, and their financial abilities. 

With that being said, it is understandable that individuals worry about their financial responsibility when it comes to addiction treatment programs. Cigna health care is known to cover various forms of addiction treatment for its members. This includes both inpatient and outpatient treatment options. With the differences in the insurance plans, there will be variations among Cigna members regarding their financial responsibilities. 

Coachella Valley Recovery Center is a Cigna alcohol rehab located outside Palm Springs, California. We offer Southern California inpatient treatment programs, including detoxification and outpatient therapy. To learn more about how our treatment services in Southern California can help you, we invite you to call (442) 888-6484 today.

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At our luxury drug rehab in Southern California, we believe in treating the addiction as well as the person. We give all our clients top notch treatment and support.  Don't hesitate to contact us today with any questions you may have about our program or if someone you know is struggling with addiction.

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Does Cigna Cover Alcohol Rehab?

Regarding addiction treatment programs, Cigna will provide coverage for individuals who struggle with various substances, including alcohol. While there may be characteristics from the members’ chosen policy that impacts the length of stay and their financial responsibility, a member would have access to an alcohol rehab with Cigna insurance. 

Coachella Valley Recovery Center is a Cigna inpatient rehab facility that can provide you with detox and an inpatient rehab program. Our staff will tailor our treatment program to your needs to ensure that you receive the care you deserve. To learn about how Coachella Valley Recovery Center can help you today, call (442) 888-6484

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Does Cigna Cover Inpatient Rehab?

Cigna does offer behavioral health care coverage to its members. This is known to include different levels of addiction treatment. When we look at inpatient treatment options, this can consist of detoxification and inpatient rehab programs. It may be necessary for members to receive a prior authorization before they begin their inpatient treatment programs. However, this is something that their chosen treatment provider can provide guidance on.  

If you are struggling with an alcohol or drug addiction and find yourself needing a Cigna addiction treatment program, we encourage you to consider the Coachella Valley Recovery Center. Coachella Valley Recovery Center is a comprehensive drug detox center near Palm Springs. We can provide you with a customized detoxification and inpatient rehab treatment program that is designed to help you succeed in your recovery.


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How Long Will Cigna Cover Rehab?

A common concern after what the member would have to pay is how long they would be eligible for treatment. The best way to get an answer to this question is to contact Cigna directly. You can do this by calling the number located on the back of your insurance ID card, or logging into your health care portal.

Typically, Cigna will work with the member and consider the recommendations of professional treatment staff. As an example, if a prior authorization is needed, Cigna may ask questions about why the treatment center recommends the treatment option that they selected. This is a significant thing for Cigna members because it means that there is no “cookie-cutter” approach to what Cigna approves, so they have a better chance of getting the care they need. 

Coachella Valley Recovery Center is a Southern California Cigna Rehab program that offers both detoxification and inpatient rehab treatment. Many individuals who struggle with addiction are living with co-occurring mental health concerns such as anxiety, depression, and a history of trauma. When you come to Coachella Valley Recovery Center, our staff will take time to discuss any history of mental health concerns you have and discuss our mental health treatment options. Call (442) 888-6484 to learn more about our dual diagnosis treatment near Palm Springs

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You may require a detoxification program if you have been struggling with an alcohol or drug addiction. Detox programs give your body the time needed to adjust to the changes when you stop using or drinking. This tends to be an uncomfortable time, which is why medications can be offered to help ease your symptoms. At Coachella Valley Recovery, our staff will show you kindness and compassion while you go through our detox program. 

Once you are feeling well, you can begin our inpatient rehab program. Our programs will include a combination of group therapy, individual therapy, educational sessions, and alternative therapies. As noted above, it is not uncommon for individuals struggling with an addiction to have other mental health concerns. At Coachella Valley Recovery Center, we recognize this and offer mental health services to help with other needs that you may have. Research has shown that individuals with co-occurring mental health concerns have a better chance at a healthy lifestyle if they receive treatment for both. 

Addiction is a chronic and persistent disease. We recognize the challenges you have faced during active addiction and the strength it took for you to get to our facility. We will work with you to ensure you feel prepared to go home and confident in your ability to handle life’s curve balls. 

If you are concerned about yourself or a loved one, you may be looking for a drug rehab near Palm Springs. If you find that you can relate to this, we encourage you to speak with a Coachella Valley Recovery Center representative at (442) 888-6484 to learn more about how we can help you. Our staff will provide you with compassionate care that can have a lasting impact on your recovery journey. When you are ready, we are here to support you. 

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