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What is Music Therapy?

Music Therapy for Addiction Treatment

Struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction is more common than you may expect. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration estimated that approximately 14.5 million individuals struggled with an alcohol use disorder, while 8.3 million individuals struggled with a drug use disorder during the same time. 

Try to think about those statistics in a personal way rather than a statistic. 22.8 million Americans struggled with a substance abuse disorder that year. This is a significant number to take in. Among those millions of individuals, some individuals thrived with traditional treatment approaches and those who needed additional programming to get their needs met in treatment. 

Music therapy is considered a complementary and alternative medical practice, commonly referred to as CAM. Other treatment approaches that fall into this category include art therapy, acupuncture, hypnotherapy, and herbal remedies. 

Music therapy can be offered in addition to what is called evidence-based practice. Evidence-based practices are therapeutic approaches that have been researched and found to be effective for the treatment of various mental health concerns. As an example, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Motivational Interviewing are two evidence-based approaches that are effective forms of therapy for addiction treatment.

Coachella Valley Recovery Center is an addiction treatment facility that offers music therapy in Southern California. Our treatment approach looks beyond your addiction to include your mind, body, and spirit. Music therapy can be a powerful tool to use in your recovery from drugs and alcohol. To learn more about our music therapy program, we invite you to speak with a representative by calling (442)888-6484 today.

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At our luxury drug rehab in Southern California, we believe in treating the addiction as well as the person. We give all our clients top notch treatment and support.  Don't hesitate to contact us today with any questions you may have about our program or if someone you know is struggling with addiction.

What to expect from music therapy

What Does a Music Therapy Program Entail?

Addiction treatment programs have used music therapy since the 1970s. Over the years, we have observed that music therapy can help an individual express their emotions in a healthy manner.

There are a variety of ways that music can be used in therapy. Common approaches include analyzing song lyrics, songwriting, and musical games. By exploring the melody of songs, and the lyrics, you can explore your own experiences and emotions.

If you are searching for Southern California music therapy in an addiction rehab facility, we encourage you to contact the Coachella Valley Recovery Center at (442) 888-6484. You will find that we offer a variety of treatment programs including detox, inpatient rehab, and outpatient programs. Additionally, we work with individuals who have other mental health concerns such as anxiety, depression, trauma, and bipolar disorder.  

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Can Music Therapy Be Used in Rehab?

A 2014 study found that only 14.7% of addiction treatment programs offer music therapy within their treatment program. Additionally, this study found that music therapy was more likely to be prevalent in an addiction treatment program that has a higher percentage of adolescents enrolled in treatment. 

Music therapy can be used in addition to traditional addiction treatment approaches. This can take place in group therapy sessions, or individual sessions with a trained therapist. 

What Can Music Therapy Be Used to Treat?

We have talked about how music therapy can be used in addiction treatment programs. However, music therapy can be used with individuals who struggle with other concerns. For example, music therapy can be used with individuals who have a history of trauma, anxiety, and depression. Additionally, music therapy can be used for individuals who are living with Alzheimer’s, Autism, various heart conditions, and chronic pain.

At Coachella Valley Recovery Center, we offer Palm Springs music therapy within our addiction treatment program. When you first come to our facility, you will meet with a staff member who will learn more about you and your addiction. From there, you will develop a plan in regard to your treatment needs. Music therapy is one of the treatment approaches available to you. To learn more about how our Southern California addiction treatment program can be molded to your needs, you can speak with a representative by calling (442) 888-6484.

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The Pros of Music in Therapy

What are the Benefits of
Music Therapy?

The overall goal of music therapy is to help individuals tap into their emotions and thoughts. We learn how to identify, cope with, and process our emotions from the adults in our lives when we are children. If we were raised in an environment where the adults didn’t know how to do this themselves, it makes sense that it would be a concern for us as well. 

Music therapy can help us learn how to identify, process, and express our emotions by using melody and song lyrics. Like many things in life, our interpretation of music is dependent on things like our mood and past experiences. Because of this, it is likely that what a song means to us will be different than what it means to others.

If you find yourself in a position where you are looking into addiction treatment programs, you may notice differences within different facilities. Coachella Valley Recovery Center is a music therapy rehab with various treatment programs to ensure that you get the care you need. Our representatives are waiting to talk to you about your needs and answer your questions about addiction treatment. Call (442)888-6484 today for further information.

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How to Find Music Therapy Programs in Palm Springs

Music and Addiction Treatment

Finding an addiction treatment program can feel overwhelming, especially if you are unfamiliar with the various treatment levels. Thankfully, you have resources to help you.

One of which would be your primary care physician or mental health provider. These professionals will be able to talk to you about your specific concerns, and what treatment they would feel would be best for you. Additionally, your insurance provider can provide you with a list of addiction treatment providers who are in-network. However, your representative will not be able to assess your particular needs for addiction treatment.

The Coachella Valley Recovery Center is located in Palm Springs, California. We can provide you with treatment for alcohol and drug abuse. We work with individuals who have a dual diagnosis. Additionally, we have worked with individuals who have never been in treatment before and those who have been in various levels of treatment. We believe that it is never too late to get help for your addiction.

If you or a loved one has been struggling with addiction, reaching the point where you are willing to accept help can be a pivotal moment in your life. This is a point that, unfortunately, not everyone reaches. Take a moment to recognize the progress you have made by getting to this point, and know that the Coachella Valley Recovery Center staff is here to support you in your recovery. We do not believe in a “cookie cutter” approach to treatment and will tailor your approach to your specific needs. To learn more about our addiction treatment services, we encourage you to speak with a representative by calling (442)888-6484 today.

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