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Introduction To Meth Addiction

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Millions of people suffer from substance abuse every day. Depending on what a person is addicted to, their experience is different. Addiction is a life-altering disease for all those suffering from it, but the effects of addiction in a person’s life can often be dependent on what substance a person is abusing. As most people know, certain substances are more dangerous than others, and the effects can also take different forms. One drug, in particular, that is not only addictive, but that has intense and detrimental side effects is meth. Not only is meth highly addictive compared to other drugs, but it can have some of the most devastating effects on a person’s health, physical appearance, and much more. 

If you’ve never seen or experienced someone addicted to meth before, the sight can be quite distressing. In fact, the effects of meth are different from even other similar drugs. Because of its unusual composition and the fact that it is easily manufactured, many people switch to meth after having started using other drugs. 

At Coachella Valley Recovery Center, we know that addiction is devastating for not only the one suffering from it but their family. No one wants to watch their loved one deteriorate from drug use the way that they can when using methods. That’s why we believe in giving our clients and their families the tools and information they need for their unique situation and getting help when they need it most. In this post, we are going to discuss meth, what it is, how it affects the body, the signs of abuse and symptoms of withdrawal, and how to get help from our California meth rehab center. 

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What is Meth?

Meth is in the category of drugs known as stimulants. However, the thing that separates meth from other drugs is the fact that it is easily manufactured even by someone who is not an expert drug user. 

Meth is made from the chemicals amphetamine and ephedrine and can be manufactured using over-the-counter medications that are available at most general pharmacies. This makes it so that people using the drug have the ability to produce their own product. This is one of the reasons that meth is such a devastatingly addictive drug is the fact that the user is in control of the supply of the drug, which makes it that much easier to continue using. 

Because of the way it is produced, meth is much more immediately harmful to the user and meth users have even been harmed or killed in the production of the drug, not just the use of it, making it different from other drugs that people become addicted to. 

The availability of meth and the ability to manufacture it, getting your loved one clean is even more difficult than with other drugs. That’s why you need the kind and compassionate staff at Coachella Valley Recovery Center on your side.  

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the affect on the body

How Does Meth Affect the Body?

Meth is a stimulant, which means it acts on the central nervous system to heighten the reaction of certain bodily functions. People who use the drug behave as though they have lots of energy. Inability to focus and hyperactivity are two more common signs of someone on meth. Apart from those, the person will have an increased heart rate, dilated pupils, they may appear jittery or paranoid, and often will be unable to sleep or sit still for long periods, particularly if they continue using the drug. 

Meth not only affects the central nervous system, but it can affect the heart and vascular system as well. The longer a person is on meth, the more irritable and jumpy they may seem even without using the drug. They may also exhibit mood swings and shifts in personality from one moment to the next.

Having a loved one who is hooked on meth can make it difficult to handle everyday responsibilities. A meth addiction can damage relationships and cause friends and family to suffer consequences along with the person addicted. Coachella Valley Recovery Center has programs to help addicts deal with the trauma they have suffered as well as programs to help them rebuild what addiction has taken away from them.

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the signs of meth abuse

What Are the Signs of Meth Abuse?

There are many physical and behavioral signs that someone is using meth. The most noticeable signs that someone is using meth are the odor produced by the drug. The primary means of using the drug is to smoke it, which leaves a very pungent stench in the air. There are also physical signs on the body of the person using it. Smoking meth can cause yellowing of the skin, tooth decay, and bad breath. 

These signs also coincide with hyperactive behavior, paranoia, and mood swings. Additionally, if someone abuses meth, they may withdraw from social circles and start behaving more secretively. They will lose interest in things they once found pleasurable and seek to engage in only drug use and the obtaining or manufacture of more drugs. 

Unlike other drugs, meth is a bit more difficult for someone to hide their abuse of. So long as you are aware of the signs of abuse, it is possible to spot them and get your loved one the help they need here at Coachella Valley Recovery Center. 


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Understanding the symptoms

What Are the Symptoms of Meth Withdrawal?

Meth withdrawal can cause acute symptoms in users based on a variety of different factors. Depending on the amount of time a person has been using, the amount they have been using, and their underlying health conditions the withdrawal experience can be more severe. 

Symptoms include:

  • Fatigue
  • Anxiety
  • Irritability
  • Lack of energy
  • Weight gain
  • Dehydration
  • Chills
  • Intense craving 
  • Insomnia 

In people with severe health problems, these symptoms can become comorbidities that lead to severe illness and death. 

No one wants to see their loved one suffer through withdrawal, and it’s never a good idea to quit alone. Don’t let your loved one go it alone. Contact us at Coachella Valley Recovery Center and get them the help they need before it is too late. 

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Now that you understand how severe a meth addiction can be, the symptoms, side effects and risks, it’s time to talk to your loved one about their problem and start them on the journey of recovery here with us. 

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