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What is Dual-Diagnosis Treatment?

Healing Addiction & Co-Occurring Disorders

If you or someone close to you is struggling with addiction, they may likely also suffer from a co-occurring mental health condition. Most people struggle at some point with mental health problems, and many turn to drugs or alcohol to offer fast relief of symptoms. In fact, over 60% of individuals with drug or alcohol addiction also have another mental illness.

When it comes to substance abuse and co-occurring disorders, it may not be clear which came first because many people use drugs or alcohol to self-medicate for undiagnosed mental health problems. Others struggle with addiction, and the chemical changes in their brain lead to the development of mental health disorders. No matter which came first, the two problems feed off one another, continually worsening the longer you struggle alone.

Thankfully, you don’t have to struggle alone. With our dual diagnosis treatment center next to Palm Springs, you can find treatment to fit your needs and begin your recovery in a supportive environment. At Coachella Valley Recovery Center, we ensure that any mental health condition receives the same amount of attention in treatment as the addiction itself.

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At our luxury drug rehab in Southern California, we believe in treating the addiction as well as the person. We give all our clients top notch treatment and support.  Don't hesitate to contact us today with any questions you may have about our program or if someone you know is struggling with addiction.

Treating Co-Occurring Disorders in California

What is Dual-Diagnosis Treatment?

So what is dual diagnosis?

As the name suggests, dual diagnosis is an approach to treatment that focuses on simultaneously treating multiple mental health disorders, including substance use disorders.

At Coachella Valley Recovery Center, we are well equipped to manage patients who are struggling with a multitude of personality disorders, depression, anxiety, and even PTSD and addiction.

The most successful way to deal with your addiction, no matter the substances you struggle with, is to find underlying causes or contributing factors. If you struggle with depression and self-medicate with drugs, weaning you from your addiction to drugs through detox or inpatient programs near Palm Springs only focuses on half of your problem. What’s more, it only helps temporarily. If the depression remains, you will turn to another form of self-medication as soon as you go back to your everyday life.

Not all facilities will try to target coexisting mental health issues and addiction. And yet they should because the most successful recovery tackles all contributing factors. Our clinicians receive additional training and have multiple credentials to help you deal with mental health disorders while concurrently dealing with an addiction. Our expertise is available throughout your time with us and your ongoing care, helping you to:

Dual diagnosis treatment at Coachella Valley Recovery Center is designed to tackle these coexisting problems simultaneously rather than treating your addiction alone and ignoring the fact that for many people, addiction is merely a symptom of a more significant mental health problem.

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Why is Dual-Diagnosis Treatment Needed?

Many people overlook the importance of dual diagnosis treatment centers in Indio. However, dual diagnosis treatment is needed for most people seeking sobriety. If you struggle with addiction and mental health problems, you will respond differently to treatment than those who suffer from addiction alone. If you struggle with something like a personality disorder, chances are you had worked to deal with your symptoms without any support long before your addiction began. You probably used drugs or alcohol to self-medicate and just get through the day. 

But for you to enjoy long-term recovery and a life free from the burdens you shoulder now, it’s important that you treat all of the co-occurring disorders you have at once. If you try to treat one thing at a time, only treating your addiction and later treating your mental health disorders, you have a much higher relapse rate. What’s more, this can be incredibly life-threatening and dangerous. You are less likely to stick with the program and get the full extent of the help you need.

Acknowledging that you are struggling with mental issues and addiction and understanding how those mental health disorders affect you is the foundation to maintaining a life free from addiction. We work hard to educate you while providing treatment so that you can better recognize when symptoms are related to mental health problems. We help you develop skills to deal with those symptoms and not let them push you back over the edge. 


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Preparing for a Dual-Diagnosis Rehab

What to Expect from a Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center Near Palm Springs

With our dual diagnosis treatment near Palm Springs, you can expect customized treatment the entire time.


Your time with us starts with an assessment. When you come to our dual diagnosis treatment centers in Indio, you work with our team to undergo a comprehensive evaluation. This evaluation plays a critical role in determining what coexisting disorders you might have. We can better understand your physical health and psychological well-being, any potential triggers from your past or unresolved trauma that needs to be dealt with, and your level of addiction. We can customize a dual diagnosis treatment program for you with this information.

Every individual is different. Even if two individuals suffer from addiction to prescription drugs and generalized anxiety or depression, they still have different factors contributing to their addiction, different childhood experiences, a different living environment, different genetics, and more. That is why the assessment plays such an important part in helping us cultivate the most successful recovery for you.

Specialized Rehab

After completing your evaluation, we will work with you to explain what your treatment will look like. We can fully address the scope of your problem and all of the issues that are detrimentally impacting your lives. We have specialized rehab programs that help treat your addiction and mental illnesses simultaneously to have long-lasting results and a lower risk of relapse. 

We provide you with one-on-one treatment, group therapy, and other evidence-based practices designed for your needs at our facility. A big part of your customized treatment program might include different medications to help you manage the symptoms of your mental health disorders, as well as holistic therapies to give you the tools you need when you return to your daily life to better manage things like anger, stress, or the symptoms of your condition.

Ongoing Care

We provide inpatient, outpatient, and detox services in Southern California so you can find the right program for your situation and your schedule. If you have the freedom and ability to step away from the demands of your everyday life and turn your attention inward, our longer inpatient programs can meet your needs in a private, specialized program that utilizes an adaptive approach to your recovery.

We focus on long-term recovery, so ongoing outpatient care is so important. Once you leave our facility, we don’t just abandon you. We are there with you. You can return to our facility for ongoing treatment, group meetings, holistic care, and other recovery activities based on your therapy program.

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We believe that everyone deserves to look at the bigger picture. Helping you recover from addiction to cocaine, heroin, or prescription drugs shouldn’t occur in isolation. Helping you uncover unresolved trauma and mental health problems that you have struggled to manage on your own is a significant part of what we provide. You have the opportunity to completely heal at our dual diagnosis treatment center near Palm Springs. 

Our facility is full of compassionate, hard-working people who want to support you as you travel down this path to recovery and give you the tools to heal fully so that you don’t feel abandoned when you leave with no recourse but to use again to help manage the pain or the symptoms. Let our facility help you soberly reintegrate into society, with constant support, ongoing care, and a community that is there for you no matter the path you take to get here.

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