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Millions of people enjoy alcohol every day in the United States. While alcohol is legal for consumption, and most people are able to enjoy it responsibly, not everyone is that fortunate. For a large number of people, alcohol consumption becomes a problem that turns into alcoholism. Not only is alcoholism a lifelong disease, the longer a person has it and continues to drink to excess, the worse it is on their health. In fact, prolonged alcohol consumption can cause major health concerns if left untreated. That’s why it’s important to know what to do if a loved one has a problem with drinking. 

Alcohol is everywhere and easily available, making it one of the most widely used and abused substances in the world. Figuring out how to help those who are struggling is hard, but it is the best way to protect their health. At Coachella Valley Recovery Center, we are your local home for alcohol addiction treatment in Southern California. We understand the hold that alcohol can have on some people and the toll it can take on their lives and those around them. 

Today we are going to discuss alcohol, how addictive it is, how alcohol affects the body, common signs of alcohol abuse, alcohol withdrawal, and how our alcohol rehab center near Palm Springs can help you or your loved one get and stay sober. 

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Is Alcohol Addictive?

Like most substances that people put into their bodies, alcohol does indeed have the potential to become addictive. The tricky thing about alcohol is that many people can consume alcohol regularly and not have a problem, and then at other times, all it takes is one drink for someone to become fully addicted. 

The first reason that alcohol is addictive is that it interacts with the body and changes the body’s chemistry to make it crave alcohol. This is what we know as chemical dependence, which ultimately gives way to addiction. 

The second reason that alcohol is addictive is that people enjoy the way that it makes them feel, which makes them want to drink more of it more often. Continued use over time leads to addiction, even for those that may have used it responsibly in the past.

If you know a loved one has a problem with alcoholism, don’t wait to get them help, every second they stay addicted, the harder it is for them to get sober. Contact Coachella Valley Recovery Center today. 

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the affect on the body

How Does Alcohol Affect the Body?

Alcohol, like other drugs, interacts with the brain and the central nervous system to alter how the body behaves. Alcohol is in the category of drugs known as a depressant; this means that it slows down bodily processes and the way the body reacts to outside stimuli. This can be seen when a person drinks, their reflexes become slower, they become less coordinated, their speech becomes slowed and slurred, and they are often unable to focus.  

Another side effect of alcohol is that it lowers a person’s inhibitions, making them do things they may otherwise be too nervous or afraid to do. For this reason alcohol is often called things like “social lubricant” or “liquid courage”, but the truth is, this also makes a person more likely to injure themselves, especially when combined with the other effects alcohol has on the body. 

Not only is it difficult to quit drinking on your own, it can be dangerous. The side effects from stopping drinking after having done so for a long period can be severe. That’s why the best way to get sober is by coming to us at Coachella Valley Recovery Center.

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the signs

What Are the Signs of Alcoholism?

While each person is different, there are some distinct signs that a person has issues with alcoholism and needs help. 

First, if you notice them repeatedly drinking to excess or engaging in binge drinking to the point of negative consequences, this is a sign of alcoholism. If you see that the person is constantly seeking alcohol, even outside of situations where it would be appropriate, they have likely become addicted. 

Second, if they prefer drinking alcohol over doing other things they once enjoyed, this is another sign of alcoholism. The person may begin to neglect relationships, responsibilities, even their own personal health. 

Lastly, if they continue to drink and seek out alcohol despite the negative consequences they may have faced such as legal trouble, losing their job or other problems, then the person likely has alcoholism and needs treatment. 

The first step to getting someone into treatment is getting them to acknowledge that they have a problem. From there it is time to take them to a California alcohol rehab center like Coachella Valley Recovery Center.


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Does Alcohol Cause Withdrawal?

One of the reasons that alcohol is difficult for people to stop using is due to the fact that it not only causes withdrawal, but that the withdrawal can be so severe that many people relapse. It is never a good idea to try to quit alone. Quitting safely requires medical supervision at a licensed treatment facility.  

The severity of the withdrawal symptoms depends on several factors. First, the overall health of the person drinking is a factor because underlying health issues can compound with withdrawal symptoms and cause potentially deadly complications. Second, the longer a person drinks, the more severe the withdrawal is likely to be. This is also why long time drinkers are more likely to relapse and have a harder time with their sobriety. 

Finally, people who have been heavy drinkers for a long period of time can actually cause their body to start shutting down by quitting cold turkey. The body becomes so used to having alcohol that it goes into shock once the person quits. Without medical supervision, the consequences are often deadly. 

Don’t let your loved one struggle with alcoholism alone or try to quit by themselves. Bring them to us at Coachella Valley Recovery Center and let us guide them on the path to safe sobriety. 

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Now that you know just how dangerous alcoholism can be, don’t let your loved one suffer a minute longer. Bring them to us and let us help them safely detox from alcohol and begin a treatment plan that is custom-tailored to their needs. 

We understand the struggles that go along with alcohol addiction, and we have a kind and caring staff just waiting to help. Now’s the time, call Coachella Valley Recovery Center today and learn more about our treatment services in Southern California

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