What Are the Signs You Need a Detox Program?

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If you are concerned that you or your loved one are abusing drugs or alcohol, it is essential to know the signs you need a detox program. Clients who enter detox programs have more intensive initial support through the beginning stages of the recovery process. While not all individuals may benefit from an intensive detox program, there are many who are at increased risk for relapse and mental health concerns that require a medically monitored and supported treatment program.

Coachella Valley Recovery Center, located in Cathedral City, CA, offers multiple holistic opportunities for client success in substance abuse and behavioral health treatment. Our clients come from varied backgrounds and experiences for our comprehensive detox program that transitions clients seamlessly into addiction treatment.

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What is Detox?

Detox or detoxification is the process of removing toxins from the body through medical or organic means. Detoxification following drug and alcohol use indicates a period where the substance processes through the body until it is clean. Individuals who struggle with problematic use or addiction to a substance may experience withdrawal during this detox time.

While detox and withdrawal are typically used synonymously to explain the same time period following substance use, they are two different processes. Detox is the process of toxin removal, while withdrawal indicates the behavior of the systems the toxin is processing out of. Individuals typically experience withdrawal symptoms during the detoxification period.


What Does a Detox Program Entail?

Detox programs are typically the most intense and unpleasant parts of the recovery process. Individuals who choose to enter a detox program usually do so within 24 hours following their last use. However, withdrawal symptoms typically peak between 8 and 48 hours, meaning that initial detox program treatment is often complex and remembered as a struggle.

Detox programs will support substance abuse therapy treatments as soon as the client is ready. Medical staff will also closely monitor individuals and may even prescribe prescription medication to alleviate some more intense withdrawal symptoms in this initial period.

Comprehensive treatment facilities will offer initial detoxification programs that directly transfer into inpatient treatment following the cessation of withdrawal symptoms.

Coachella Valley Recovery Center provides comprehensive detox and residential inpatient treatment near Palm Springs.


What Are the Signs You Need a Detox Program?

There can be many signs that a detox program is necessary for your personal physical and mental health. While it can often be a challenge for individuals to identify the need for self-treatment, there are signs that you can look for that indicate a detox program is necessary. For example, when an individual is self-assessing or concernedly assessing a loved one’s behavior, the big signs that you need a detox program include physical and mental changes.

Individuals just starting their recovery journey are highly vulnerable and may benefit from a detox program. One of the signs that a detox program might be helpful is if you are starting on your journey of recovery. Individuals are especially vulnerable during this time and can benefit from the supervision and accountability measures put in place during detox programs that support individuals through those initial withdrawal days and the early days of recovery.

Another sign that your loved one may benefit from a detox program is if they are struggling mentally with the effects of their substance abuse. For example, suppose you notice increased erratic behavior, depression, suicidal thoughts or actions, anxiety, or mood swings. In that case, the impact of substance use on their mental health may indicate a need for an immediate change. Detox programs can support individuals through those initial hours and days following use when addicts have the most significant fluctuations in mental health.

Finally, a sign that your loved one could benefit from a detox program is if they experience legal trouble related to substance abuse. Increased risky behaviors and lawbreaking indicate a need for change.


How to Find a Professional Detox Center near Palm Springs

Professional detox centers cater to clients in their initial stages of recovery. A highly qualified facility will offer transitional support for addiction treatment. At Coachella Valley Recovery Center, we provide a holistic approach to professional detoxification and addiction treatment. Our programs support clients with substance abuse and behavioral issues through comprehensive individualized diagnosis programs. 

At Coachella Valley Recovery Center, we support individuals while they rebuild their lives and families. Our Cathedral City drug and alcohol rehab provides clients with multiple avenues to meet with success.

Contact Coachella Valley Recovery today to learn more about our drug and alcohol rehab near Palm Springs.

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