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Humans are alike in many ways, but it’s no secret that men and women are two incredibly different creatures. They have unique experiences in life, behave differently in certain situations, form different habits, and have different wants, needs, and desires that must be accounted for.

In fact, things are no different with drug addiction and substance use disorders. Men and women not only use drugs for different reasons, but they often require different treatment plans and recovery strategies when overcoming addiction – further complicating the recovery process. 

That’s what makes gender-specific addiction treatment for men such an important part of recovery. It provides the necessary environment and atmosphere that’s tailored to meet the unique and exclusive needs of men. With proper treatment, anyone can recover from addiction.

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Addiction and Men

Why is Addiction More
Common in Men?

While women often become addicted more quickly and do so while taking smaller doses, studies have shown a number of trends and patterns that suggest men are more likely to use and abuse drugs than women. Understanding the unique risks and dangers is vital to recovery.


Let’s take a brief look at some of the reasons why addiction is more common in men:

  • -Men are more likely to refuse treatment and deny the need for it
  • -Men are far more vulnerable to peer pressure than women
  • -Men often feel that seeking treatment for addiction is a sign of weakness
  • -Men are more likely to use drugs and other harmful substances to impress others or fit in
  • -Men are more likely to abuse illegal drugs, alcohol, and other highly-addictive substances
  • -Men often experience worse withdrawal symptoms than women
  • -Men are more likely to have difficult family relationships that result in drug use
  • -Men are more prone to childhood trauma, abuse, or neglect from their parents
  • -Men often use drugs at an earlier age than women, which increases the chance of addiction
  • -In general, men are known to be greater risk-takers than women

We still have a lot to learn when it comes to drug use and addiction treatment for men, but it’s clear that men face unique challenges that might increase their chances of using and abusing drugs. Luckily, drug rehab for men can help males overcome their drug and substance use.

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Know the Impact of substance abuse on men

How Does Addiction Impact Men?

Drug addiction can and will have a negative impact on a man’s life. For example, drug use often results in increased aggression and frequent acts of violence in men – which can lead to a wide range of other problems, such as legal issues, relationship problems, and financial constraints. 

Men are known to grow more distant from their loved ones and are forced to keep secrets to hide their drug use. This can lead to distrust among friends and family members, which results in even more significant distress for the male individual – making recovery even more difficult. 

Their performance at work or school will decline, they lose interest in hobbies and activities they once enjoyed, start hanging out with the wrong crowd, and even open the door to potential health issues in the future. Drug addiction can truly ruin a man’s life in a matter of days.


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Drug Use Statistics for Men

Many people don’t understand just how big of a problem drug abuse is among men, but that’ll quickly change once they uncover the statistics behind it. It’s quite concerning how many men are struggling with drug addiction, but even more concerning that many won’t receive treatment.


Let’s take a look at some of the most telling drug use statistics for men:

  • -Men are twice as likely to binge drink and report doing so five times per month
  • -Nearly 60% of all men reported drinking alcohol in the past month and 7% of men have an alcohol use disorder
  • -Roughly half of all domestic violence episodes involve the use of drugs or alcohol
  • -20% of men admit to using drugs or alcohol before their most recent violent act
  • -Nearly 12% of all men above the age of 12 use illegal drugs 
  • -9% of male high school seniors use marijuana daily and men, in general, are three times more likely to use marijuana daily
  • -4% of men abuse opioids and prescription painkillers
  • -2.6% of men use cocaine and 2% use prescription stimulants
  • -Four out of five people in treatment for drug use are men
  • -20% of all HIV cases in men were a result of drug use by injection
  • -Roughly 22% of all men have used illegal drugs or misused prescription drugs in the past 12 months


It doesn’t matter how much worse the problem gets, there will always be treatment options available to those interested. The main problem is getting men interested in treatment and getting them to admit they need it. Until they show an interest, treatment won’t do any good.

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Addiction and Men

Why is Addiction More
Common in Men?

While millions of men require drug addiction treatment every year, only a small percentage of them will receive treatment. Even those that receive treatment aren’t guaranteed to recover from addiction – which is what makes finding the right drug rehab for men so important to recovery. 

Let’s take a look at some of the major benefits of enrolling in gender-specific addiction treatment for men:

Services and programs are tailored and personalized to meet the unique needs of men

Male-specific rehab programs offer fewer distractions for those attracted to the opposite gender

Men are surrounded by like-minded individuals with similar goals and desires

Some men feel more comfortable, open, active, and present in a therapy setting when around the same gender

A greater emphasis on gender-specific issues related to drug addiction

Men can form long-lasting and rewarding relationships that aren’t based on physical attraction

For those that don’t respond well to co-ed treatment, gender-specific treatment often yields better results

Men are given a judge-free support system that understands them and their needs

A male-exclusive rehab program provides the necessary environment and support for men that are ready to live a drug-free life. Overcoming addiction is never an easy task, but being around the right people and undergoing the right treatment can put men in a better position to succeed. 

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