How to Find Addiction Treatment Programs for Men

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Men make up a majority of the individuals in treatment, but men are less likely to go on their own. Men are often motivated to attend therapy because of pressure from family or friends or because the courts mandate them. This directly impacts how men view treatment and help with substance use disorders.


At Coachella Valley Recovery Center, our Palm Springs addiction treatment program is designed to address the needs of men with medical professionals experienced in dealing with males in rehabilitation programs. Speak with an admissions coordinator today to learn more about how our program is designed to give you and your loved ones the support and care you need.


How Does Addiction Impact Men?

Addiction impacts everyone differently, and in the case of men, several factors are more common and need to be addressed as part of male rehabilitation programs. According to SAMHSA, several societal and personal factors can impact how men react during addiction treatment.


Societal factors significantly impact how men perceive substance abuse treatment and how they should act. Many men often feel expected to be independent and in control of their emotions. They may have difficulty expressing weaknesses during treatment. This can lead to struggles with other clients and medical staff about privacy and what they view as something that needs to be handled personally rather than in a group setting or with others.


Personal issues can also impact how a man responds to addiction treatment. For example, a man who is especially angry or competitive may struggle with the group aspect of therapy and the way they are addressed during treatment. They may resent being told what to do, and so suggestions may need to be reframed as conclusions that are reached collaboratively between client and counselor. Considering these factors, it is essential to consider some gendered factors regarding addiction treatment for men.


In a facility designed to address addiction treatment in men, clients should have access to reading material and entertainment relevant to men. Additionally, it may be essential to consider the gender of the treatment professionals in a men’s rehab in Palm Springs.


How do Medical Professionals Address Differences in Men’s Rehab Programs?

There are male rehab programs designed to treat the needs of male clients specifically. In men’s addiction treatment programs, healthcare professionals often have to address the client’s needs in a way that specifically addresses their needs and concerns. 


Individuals should consider several aspects to promote engagement for men in addiction treatment:

  • Emphasizing the importance of choice, even when options may be limited, generally supports men’s need for a sense of independence and autonomy.
  • Avoid arguments and use a less confrontational manner.
  • Emphasizing coming to treatment as a success and a sign of strength and courage.
  • Don’t push clients to experience emotions that may overwhelm them when discussing emotions.


When medical professionals consider these factors, clients can have a more successful treatment experience.


How to Find Addiction Treatment Programs for Men

Male-focused treatment facilities can be identified through website searches and by contacting treatment specialists. Many men find that male rehab programs are a better fit and are more open to treatment without the “weakness” of sharing their feelings in front of women. 


At Coachella Valley Recovery Center, our Palm Springs inpatient addiction treatment program focuses on helping men address the concerns of addiction through individual, group, and family therapy, crisis intervention, addiction education, mindfulness and meditation, nutrition and physical fitness, and experiential therapy. In addition, our clients work through detoxification and residential inpatient therapy for substance use and dual-diagnosis disorders. 


Our luxury facility had an outdoor recreation area, communal spaces, and semi-private rooms. We treat the person at Coachella Valley Recovery Center. 

Contact us today to learn more about our inpatient treatment and detox programs in Palm Springs.

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