How to Find Addiction Treatment in Indio, CA

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Addiction treatment should be individualized to the client’s needs and utilized to address the specific recovery goals and withdrawal symptoms to provide the most supportive care through this life-changing transition.

At Coachella Valley Recovery Center in Indio, CA, a drug rehab near Palm Springs, our clients have access to just that. We offer a fully comprehensive rehabilitation center that addresses all levels of care and can support clients through every method of traditional treatment.


What Are the Levels of Care in Rehab?

When finding a drug rehab in Indio, CA, it is essential to know what types of care are available and what level of support they can provide with their treatment options. Treatment levels of care directly coincide with the type of treatment severe, moderate, and mild. 

Individuals with severe addiction should access the most intensive levels of care. Addiction treatment options in Indio, CA, for individuals with severe substance abuse treatment include detoxification and residential inpatient treatment. In this level of care, individuals reside in a treatment facility that caters to all their needs. In addition, this type of treatment provides medical and mental health care to address the physical and emotional needs of the clients. Through this process, individuals meet individually with counselors or therapists and in small group settings that are purposefully planned to address their specific concerns. 

Intensive outpatient treatment is the next level of care available to individuals struggling with moderate to severe addiction. In this rehab style, clients will attend treatment for approximately 30-40 hours a week while still living at home or transitioning to a sober living facility. Clients go through intensive group, individualized, and experiential therapy during this time.

The least intensive type of addiction treatment is outpatient treatment. Clients who access addiction treatment through an outpatient treatment program typically spend up to 10 hours a week in therapy over several sessions. This type of treatment also requires clients to access individualized treatment and group counseling that is purposefully planned to make clients feel as comfortable as possible when sharing their feelings and expressions. In addition, this low level of care allows clients to continue working or providing for themselves or family.


How to Know What Method of Treatment is Best For You?

This is one of the most challenging questions you can ask yourself when getting ready to enter treatment. Is it the correct level of treatment to meet with the most success? Individuals entering treatment undergo an entrance assessment that requires them to self-evaluate and speak truthfully about their use. This helps doctors and clinicians evaluate an individual’s severity of the addiction. 

Substance use disorders occur when the use of alcohol or drugs causes health problems and failure to meet responsibilities at work, school, or home. However, different levels of severity occur with the level of impact. 

Individuals with a severe substance use disorder will have six or more symptoms as described by the DSM-V, the psychological diagnostic for mental health disorders. Individuals with a moderate substance use disorder will have 4-5 signs, and mild disorders are classified by two to three. 

The symptoms identified by the DSM-V that are the factors for substance use disorders fall under four categories: impaired control, social impairment, risky use of the substance, and pharmacological criteria.

The four symptoms under impaired control focus on cravings, increased use, and the time spent using.

Social impairment focuses on three symptoms that address the recurrent problems with work or home and giving up favorite activities.

Risky use of the substance only has two symptom criteria: they address use in unsafe situations or regardless of knowing the unhealthy reaction. 


How to Find Addiction Treatment in Indio, CA 

Indio, CA, addiction treatment centers offer various treatment options and treatment styles available to clients at every level of the treatment process.

Coachella Valley Recovery Center in Indio, CA, offers comprehensive addiction treatment services in Southern California. From detoxification through outpatient treatment, the staff and facilities are capable of supporting individuals through every progression, setback, and renewal. In addition, our caring and supportive team are dedicated to rebuilding families and the lives damaged by addiction.

To learn more about our Indio addiction treatment center, contact the admissions teams at Coachella Valley Recovery Center. CVRC is a residential inpatient rehab center near Palm Springs.

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