How Are Mental Health and Addiction Related?

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When it comes to mental health disorders and addiction, many wonder if they are connected. Medical professionals have discussed and determined a direct link between both substance use disorders and mental health. In fact, they specifically decided that addiction changes the brain, disturbing the normal hierarchy of needs and desires. Through this process, it can provide mental health disorders a more available pathway.

Coachella Valley Recovery Center is a comprehensive drug and alcohol rehab near Palm Springs to address the mental and behavioral health concerns of individuals with substance use disorders and those with comorbid conditions.

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How Are Mental Health and Addiction Related?

It can be challenging to accept, but mental health and addiction are often directly related to one another. The impact of mental health on addiction and vice versa often exacerbates the issues that individuals experience. 

Statistically, individuals who experience a severe mental health concern are 18% more likely to develop an addiction (almost 1 in 5 people), and approximately 38% (nearly 2 in 5 people) of individuals diagnosed with a substance use disorder are also diagnosed with a comorbid mental health disorder. 

The relation of these disorders often causes specific issues with addiction and mental health treatment. Individuals are often more reluctant to enter treatment or access inadequate treatment for their needs. Approximately 90% of individuals either don’t access treatment or only enter treatment for one disorder.

When it comes to treatment for mental health and substance use disorders, physicians recommend that individuals access treatment that is designed to address both concerns. This process ensures that clients do not use illegal substances to support their progress or have their mental health derail their addiction treatment. 


Can Substance Abuse Issues Cause Mental Health Disorders?

This is an interesting question with no clear answers. Substance abuse and mental health are so entwined and connected that it can be challenging to determine what came first. Illegal substances are such due to their addictive nature and the health risks they pose to individuals. This includes significant changes in mental health. So, while the risk of mental health disorders increases with substance abuse, it is possible that the substance only exacerbates the underlying mental health concern that allows addiction to develop. In that case, the mental health disorder is actually the primary catalyst for addiction.

Medical professionals have debated the questions regarding mental health and substance abuse disorders for years resulting in the development of comprehensive treatment plans dedicated to identifying and treating identifiable concerns. Through this process, an individual can focus wholly on their total mental health while their treatment specialist, therapist, counselor, or doctor monitors their overall progress. 

Another form of treatment that is often recommended for individuals struggling with multiple mental health concerns is Medication-Assisted Treatment. Through this process, medication is used to eliminate cravings, withdrawal symptoms, or symptoms of use. This can provide a steady basis for clients to develop stable mental health skills while working through recovery from their addiction treatment and mental health disorder. 


How to Find Treatment for Mental Health and Addiction Issues?

Finding addiction and mental health treatment is critical for the comprehensive growth and development of individuals diagnosed with comorbid mental health and substance use disorders. In comprehensive treatment facilities, individuals are treated utilizing an individualized treatment program that addresses their specific concerns. This process allows for recovery and mental health treatment to occur simultaneously while providing direct traditional and alternative therapies. 

Comprehensive treatment facilities typically use a combination of treatment methods to address the client’s drug use and mental health. This can be provided through traditional means or through alternative holistic treatments. While the process is often a combination of behavioral therapy and specific treatments, many facilities promote physical health and exercise as essential factors of treatment. 

At Coachella Valley Recovery Center, clients have the opportunity to access comprehensive residential inpatient treatment in Palm Springs for their substance abuse and a number of commonly occurring mental health disorders that impact addicts frequently. 

To learn more about the mental health and Southern California addiction treatment services at Coachella Valley Recovery Center, speak with an entrance counselor today.


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How Are Mental Health and Addiction Related?
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How Are Mental Health and Addiction Related?

When it comes to mental health disorders and addiction, many wonder if they are connected. Medical professionals have discussed and determined a direct link between

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