Are There Holistic Drug Rehab Centers in Southern California?

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Holistic drug rehab centers are available nationwide, but not all treatment facilities offer the same beneficial treatments.

At Coachella Valley Recovery Center, we offer comprehensive and holistic treatment models that provide clients with the opportunity to improve their mental, physical, and spiritual health. Contact Coachella Valley Recovery Center today to learn more about holistic addiction treatment at our premier Palm Springs drug rehab.


What is Holistic Treatment?

Holistic drug addiction treatment is a recovery program that focuses on treating the whole patient, not just the immediate addiction needs. Often individuals will join a holistic treatment program to be able to focus on their physical, mental, and spiritual health. Through this process, they can better come to terms with their addiction and learn how to manage recovery safely. Clients who choose holistic treatment typically utilize more creative methods for addiction treatment that incorporate multiple modalities and are not just focused on individualized counseling and group therapy. However, they are still an essential aspect of the treatment.

Holistic treatment is unique in the way that it approaches recovery. Throughout the addiction treatment process, individuals often struggle with mental health regarding expression, depression, and even anxiety surrounding the changes in their lifestyle. Holistic recovery takes an alternative approach to address these valid concerns through the incorporation of movement, art, and activities.


What Are Examples of Holistic Addiction Treatment?

Holistic addiction treatment takes on a multifaceted approach to addiction treatment. While it generally includes the traditional 12-step group therapy and individualized counseling, those treatments are balanced with alternative treatments to help individuals express themselves more consistently with healthy alternatives taught through treatment sessions. Many holistic treatment centers offer a number of alternative or unique therapy options that are designed to support a client through movement, art, and other activities. Holistic training also places a significant focus on educational and social growth.

You will most commonly find holistic drug treatment centers that include movement as part of their holistic treatment program. Whether that movement is through structured recreational time, Yoga, dance, or other movement-based therapies. The thought behind including action in holistic drug and alcohol recovery is the inclusion of health-related supports. Therefore, not only does movement-based therapy support physical expression, but it also promotes healthy living. 

Another common form of treatment found at holistic rehab is the inclusion of art-based therapies. Things like music, painting, and sculpture are all featured as creative outlets for individuals in therapy. These creative outlets are encouraged through holistic treatment to help clients heal mentally and spiritually from addiction.

Holistic drug rehab centers often include other treatments as part of their recovery program as well. For example, extensive facilities can often offer horse training and riding as a therapy measure, aquatics, massage, and Reiki as therapeutic options. This inclusion can allow clients to restfully recover, learn about something new, and develop new skills. 

Finally, individuals in holistic drug rehabs will have more opportunities to develop personally and socially with the learning provided. Holistic treatment focuses on supporting individuals’ educational and social growth through specific education toward goals and job-related activities. With this focus on development, the hope is that clients are able to better themselves and their situation by creating meaningful learning experiences that support their future opportunities.


Are There Holistic Drug Rehab Centers in Southern California

There are many drug rehab centers in Southern California. However, finding a holistic treatment center that offers the experiences and opportunities you are looking for can be harder to find. Coachella Valley Recovery Center provides the best options in holistic treatment, including music and art therapy, Nutrition and Wellness, and Yoga and Mindfulness. These holistic treatment options provide clients with a comprehensive approach to addiction treatment. 

Coachella Valley Recovery Center also utilizes multiple treatment program styles to provide clients with the level of support they need at the time. Scaled supports from residential inpatient treatment to structured outpatient treatment are available in our Cathedral City location.

As a fully comprehensive addiction treatment center, we also offer supportive treatment for individuals who suffer from dual-diagnosis of depression, anxiety, and trauma. Contact us today to learn more about the holistic drug rehab approach at our Palm Springs residential rehab.

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