Finding Addiction Treatment near La Quinta

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When entering addiction treatment, it is essential to consider the available methods, treatments, and opportunities. Drug rehabs near La Quinta offer multiple options, but it is necessary to consider what is best for your needs.

At Coachella Valley Recovery Center, we offer a comprehensive approach to addiction treatment that other La Quinta addiction treatment centers cannot match. Our nontraditional approach to recovery can support clients starting from day one.

To learn more about our La Quinta addiction treatment facility, Coachella Valley Recovery Center, speak with a dedicated treatment specialist today.

What Are the Types of Available Drug Rehab Programs?

Treatment facilities can personalize many available drug rehab programs to meet the client’s needs. One of the individuals chooses to enter rehab. They undergo a treatment assessment to determine their individual needs, the extent of their substance use and abuse, and to identify any other treatment needs while the client is in care. Treatment can vary from weekly check-ins with a counselor or therapist to daily residential treatment. This variation accounts for various conditions, situations, and treatment styles.

And individuals who are experiencing problematic use, or have transitioned into mild substance abuse, often benefit from treatment that occurs once or twice weekly in an outpatient setting. This treatment style includes individualized counseling and group therapy sessions to help clients build community and process their experiences.

If that level of treatment is not enough to meet a client’s needs, there’s an intensive outpatient treatment requiring clients to attend daily or every other day throughout the week. Typically 30- 40 hours are spent in intensive outpatient treatment, split between individualized counseling, group therapy, and other supportive therapy treatments provided by the facility. This intensive treatment style typically lasts 3 to 4 weeks before the client transitions into the outpatient treatment model.

Lastly, there is inpatient addiction treatment. Clients with severe use disorders that they cannot appropriately manage in an intensive outpatient setting Should be admitted to a 24 seven facility that can monitor and provide the treatment necessary for sustainable recovery. Clients in residential treatment attend daily group therapy, individualized counseling, and additional treatments provided by the facility. These often can include physical, nutritional, emotional, and art therapies that promote holistic wellness.

How to Know What is the Best Addiction Treatment for You?

When it comes to determining the best addiction treatment for you, clients must consider their use, other physical or mental health disorders, and their lapse or relapse history.

A client’s level of use directly impacts the type of addiction treatment a client needs. During the intake exam, a trained treatment specialist will determine if the treatment style available at the facility can address the client’s needs. Depending on the number of DSM-V specifications for a substance use disorder, a client determines the level of care necessary for recovery. Attending treatment that does not meet the level of meat of the clients, whether it be too little or too much, can impact the longevity of the recovery process and can increase the likelihood of relapse.

Another consideration for individuals entering treatment is the availability of additional mental health support. Over 60% of individuals with substance use disorders have a different mental health disorder. Finding a treatment facility that can address the co-occurring disease through dual-diagnosis treatment is essential. Treating one condition instead of the whole individual can negatively impact recovery.

Lastly, it is essential to consider an individual’s lapse or relapse history when entering treatment. If an individual has experienced a lapse or relapse while in outpatient or intensive outpatient treatment, it is essential to level up the treatment style. For example, if an individual had a relapse while in outpatient treatment, it may be necessary For them to transition to an intensive outpatient program that meets more frequently to address those concerns. The exact process applies to individuals in intensive outpatient treatment. If they experience a lapse, attending a residential program through those initial recovery days may be beneficial.

Finding Addiction Treatment near La Quinta

Why individuals may be worried about finding addiction treatment near La Quinta should not be concerned. Multiple treatment facilities offer a variety of drug and alcohol treatment in the area. However, not all treatment centers are built the same. Some facilities only provide one therapy style, while others can offer multiple treatment styles and methods for recovery.

Coachella Valley Recovery Center Offers Addiction Treatment near La Quinta

At Coachella Valley Recovery Center, we believe in finding treatment that works for the client based on their needs and goals for recovery. Our alcohol and drug rehab near La Quinta provides clients with a comprehensive treatment approach that includes detoxification, residential inpatient, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, and outpatient treatments. The dedicated and educated staff in our La Quinta addiction treatment center offers high-quality treatment through unique therapies and can address individual needs through dual diagnosis treatment.

Learn more about your La Quinta addiction treatment options at Coachella Valley Recovery Center.

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