What Are the Benefits of Gender-Specific Rehab?

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Gender-specific rehab focuses on addressing individuals of the same sex in a group during addiction treatment. This can provide many benefits for clients who have previously been unsuccessful in coed settings, those with a history of trauma from a member of the opposite sex, and those who may feel vulnerable sharing in front of someone of the opposite gender.


At Coachella Valley Recovery Center, our clients receive comprehensive detoxification and addiction treatment that address the specific concerns of men in addiction. If you are interested in learning more, contact Coachella Valley Recovery Center today to learn more about our Palm Springs rehab center.


What is Gender-Specific Rehab?

Gender-specific rehab, at its core, is about creating a safe space for individuals to express themselves and learn more about themselves without feeling uncomfortable, unsafe, or conflicted during rehabilitative treatment for substance abuse or mental health disorder. Many treatment facilities across the country have gender-specific addiction treatment in order to provide safety for all client groups and create more tailored treatment programs focused on gender issues. 


Gender-specific rehab is designed to address the concerns of societal-normed genders through the rehabilitation process. During this time, in a same-sex setting, individuals are given a safe space to express themselves and address gender concerns without fear or feelings of shame and inadequacy, in a same-sex setting. 


Both men and women have to gender-specific needs when it comes to rehabilitative and mental health. These needs range from social interaction to stressors and traditional health concerns. Therefore, a gender-specific rehabilitation center can focus its healthcare directly on the needs of the population it serves.


What are the Benefits of Gender-Specific Rehab?

Clients who have access to gender-specific rehab or same-sex group counseling in coed treatment facilities have many benefits that are not available in an entirely coed setting.


For example, there are many more men in rehab than women. However, the women in recovery often experience a quicker progression with drug use and have a more severe addiction to substances. In addition, with approximately 70% of clients seeking addiction treatment being male, female clients may feel uncomfortable or unsafe due to their past traumas. This can challenge the recovery process and distract from treatment. Gender-specific rehabilitation centers allow clients to feel safe in their environment and focus entirely on rehabilitation.


Another benefit of gender-specific rehab programs is the opportunity to discuss sensitive topics freely. Because of how male vulnerability is viewed today, it can be incredibly uncomfortable for men to attempt to express their vulnerabilities in a coed setting. If clients struggle to share in a mixed environment, gender-specific groups or rehabilitation may be best for their personal growth. 


A last significant benefit of gender-specific rehabilitation is the ability to focus on gender-specific concerns. For example, for many men, anger can be a severe issue. While women also struggle with it, they tend to have more extreme feelings of guilt, anxiety, and insomnia related to substance abuse. By focusing on these specific feelings as a whole, clients can have a more personalized and specifically helpful treatment experience than those in a coed setting that are learning to handle emotions and feelings they aren’t experiencing. 


How to Find an Inpatient Gender-Specific Rehab Center in Southern California

When looking for a gender-specific rehab center in Southern California, it is important to consider whether this benefits you. You can search through your insurance provider, local companies, or based on advertisements and word of mouth. When speaking with admissions counselors, you can ask if the setting is coed or gender-specific, and they will be able to tell you more about their specific program. 


At Coachella Valley Recovery Center, our gender-specific rehab center focuses on helping men improve their lives through addiction or dual-diagnosis treatment. We believe that you are worth it and that the changes today do impact the man of tomorrow. 


At Coachella Valley Recovery Center, our clients have access to detoxification and Southern California inpatient rehabilitation that focuses on rebuilding trust, communication, and addressing anger and violence issues. In addition, our clients have access to both nutritional and physical health care in a luxurious facility. Large shared spaces provide an opportunity for community building and developing healthy friendships. 

Contact Coachella Valley Recovery Center to speak with an admissions coordinator about our gender-specific treatment specifications and how our Southern California addiction treatment programs can help.

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