Are There LGBTQ Rehab Programs in Southern California?

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Individuals who identify as LGBTQ make up approximately 7% of the population in the United States, or about 23.6 million people. 7.6 million LGBTQ adults had a mental illness or substance use disorder in 2019. Approximately one-third of the LGBTQ population suffers from a mental health disorder. 


At Coachella Valley Recovery Center, our LGBTQ-friendly treatment facility is designed to address specific LGBTQ+ population concerns and provide our clients with the best opportunity for sustainable long-term recovery.


Are There LGBTQ-Friendly Rehabs?

There are, in fact, LGBTQ+-friendly rehab centers for individuals. According to the National Institute on drug abuse, LGBTQ populations are at a higher risk for substance abuse disorders and various behavioral health issues. Defined as a sexual minority, the national survey on drug use and health identified several concerning factors in LGBTQ adults. They misused marijuana, illegal or prescription opioids, and alcohol more frequently than heterosexual adults reported. 


The 2019 National Survey on Drug Use and Mental Health, which focused on LGBTQ adults, identified 7.6 million individuals with a mental illness or substance use disorder, an increase of over 20.5%. The same study identified statistics like one in two LGBTQ adults struggling with illicit drugs, three in five struggling with alcohol use, and one in six struggling with illegal drugs and alcohol abuse. 


This same survey also identified multiple mental health concerns across the LGBTQ community. Only 61.8% of LGBTQ youth and 72.1% of adults that identify as LGBTQ received treatment for their mental health in 2019. There were increases in major depressive episodes among all adults, and approximately 1.3 million LGBTQ young adults aged 18 to 25 had serious thoughts about suicide, with over 246,000 attempts. 


Treatment for both mental health and substance use disorders was severely lacking. While 27.4% did not receive treatment, only 13.5% got treatment for both co-occurring conditions. This type of California dual diagnosis treatment is critical for safe and maintainable recovery.


A 2020 article by Natasha Williams and Jessica Fish identified the availability of LGBTQ-specific mental health and substance abuse treatment in the United States. Their findings show that 12.6% of mental health facilities and 17.6% of substance abuse facilities reported LGBTQ-specific programs. However, it does not specify if these programs are combined to address co-occurring disorders, issues with LGBTQ+ youth, or how available they are to individuals in less LGBTQ+ friendly locations.


What are the Benefits of an LGBTQ Rehab Center?

Social stigma, discrimination, and personal acceptance are often some of the main factors that lead LGBTQ+ individuals to substance abuse. Compounded with other mental illnesses, individuals in addiction treatment must learn to address the root cause of their addiction. In LGBTQ+ drug rehab, individuals can recover in a safe environment that accepts their sexual orientation and address the frequent concerns of LGBTQ populations like coming out, personal sexuality, and trauma.


In LGBTQ-friendly alcohol rehab, clients can access the most effective treatment therapies. Cognitive behavioral therapy, individualized treatment planning and counseling, group therapy, and family therapy have all been beneficial. When presented in a safe environment, clients can feel comfortable that they will not be judged or stigmatized. For example, in generalized group therapy, an LGBTQ+ client should have the opportunity to decide whether or not they discuss their sexual orientation as it relates to the topic being addressed. Still, in specialized LGBTQ+ addiction treatment groups, clients may feel more comfortable sharing those connections with others.


A final benefit of LGBTQ rehab centers is the acceptance of both clients and staff members. With a strong voice against hetero sexism in addiction treatment, individuals can learn to overturn negative internalized emotions and become more confident expressing themselves.


Are There LGBTQ Rehab Programs in Southern California?

There are LGBTQ rehab programs in Southern California. Coachella Valley Recovery Center is a top-quality addiction treatment facility. Our facility is LGBTQ-friendly and addresses both substance use disorders and mental illnesses. We offer detoxification and residential inpatient care in Southern California. Our centrally located treatment center provides all of the necessary building blocks for sustainable recovery with quality amenities, experienced staff, advanced therapies, multiple programs, and a supportive atmosphere.


At Coachella Valley Recovery Center, we offer individual, group, and family therapy that combines addiction, crisis, relapse prevention, and trauma-informed therapy practices to ensure our clients have a stable foundation for recovery.


Receive a confidential call back from Coachella Valley Recovery Center.

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